Air Analysis

EPA Method TO-15 is our most commonly requested test. Over the last decade our staff has analyzed over 20,000 TO-15 air samples. Analyses for BTEX, TVOC’s, GRO/TPH, Sulfides, Naphthalene, and TIC’s are also available.

Airtech has a large can inventory of 1-L and 6-L cans available. Many different sampling times/flow rates available.

Our main test that contains 62 volatile compounds. Many options for sampling times (flow rates) available. 1-L or 6-L cans available. No rental fees for time integrated samplers.

Tentatively Identified Compounds (TIC’s)
Searches for organic compounds that are not on the TO-15 target list. If a project has compounds of interest that are not on the TO-15 analytes list a TIC analysis can be run in excess to TO-15 testing. This is useful for tracer compounds or unknown contamination

Gas Range Organics (GRO)/ Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)
Search for the amount of volatile organic compounds present in the gas range.

Total Volatile Organic Carbons (TVOC’s)
Determine the amount of organic compounds present in the volatile range. Used widely in green building projects.

BTEX Compounds

Field Service

Airtech can also assist with taking samples in the field. If samples are not taken correctly the quality of the laboratory makes no difference. Sampling incorrectly can result in producing misrepresentative data or the need to re-sample.

Our employees have experience sampling in different types of conditions all over Arizona. Whether taking samples from existing wells or from stacks hiring Airtech for sampling gives our clients peace of mind. If there is a site where samples will continue to be taken we can work with the sampler to assure that the sampling procedure can be reproduced.

Our sampling techniques satisfy ADEQ’s Soil Vapor Sampling Guidance. Our on-site experience will make the sampling process as simple as possible while producing accurate and reproducible samples


Airtech also provides assistance with sampling planning and sample collection. When working with air we believe it is advantageous for our clients to have a good working relationship with the lab. This will help to produce the most accurate, representative, and reproducible data possible.

Many different variables arise when taking air samples. How long should the sample be collected? What is the optimal flow rate? Does the well need to be purged? Can leaks in the sample train be detected? How to avoid cross-contamination? Is the canister full? AEL can work with you to develop an organized plan that will produce quality samples.

AEL is available to work in the field to assist with the sample collection process. It is our aim to make the air sample collection process as simple as possible. Our staff has experience in the field collecting samples in many different conditions throughout Arizona. We can work with your employees on-site to create a procedure that can be repeated for future sampling dates. Our sampling techniques satisfy the ADEQ Soil Vapor Sampling Guidance guidelines.